• We've shipped the Bapezilla.2 to all stores, they've been selling well but not all stores have received their shipments. We've done a second run of the Bapezilla.2, mostly for our international customers. The next run is shipping October 15th to all stores. Next up we've got a brand new yoyo (a very new shape for us), a collaboration with DSPTCH, and two Anti-Yo t-shirts!
  • We just shipped the DRI-YWET to all our retailers, the release date is set for February 9th and we're excited to say that we think this is the best looking and playing yoyo we've done yet.
  • The Anti-Yo YWET yoyo is now in stores. The coating on this run is slightly different than what we'd used in the past. On this new run the yoyos aren't blasted and instead are tumbled before being anodized, this gives a very low friction and dry coating without causing any string breaking issues. The anodization is done in a way that it lasts a very long time and is fairly resistant to light scratches, on parts of the yoyo the tumbling marks are seen due to the viscosity of the anodization dye, this does not affect play nor does it get any lighter over time. Next up, the DRI-YWET.
  • The world was caught up and so were we. First the YWET, available November Tenth at your favorite skill-toy store. More to follow, this time it's for keeps.
  • The Anti-Yo YWET will be available at Bird in Hand starting 5pm on Friday September 30th at the beginning of the US National Yoyo Contest. Don't call it a comeback.